The Young Artists Projects Page

Project #1


          Depending on how much fun you want to have, print out 1, 2, or more of the Coloring Page #17 found on our Free Bees page. With these images of our neighborhood chameleon “Connie” in hand, look around your home for different colors and designs. Mom may have a red striped pillow placed on the couch, or a bright vase of flowers on the kitchen table. Or maybe Dad has one of his crazy Hawaiian shirts hanging in the laundry.

           Whatever bright colors and designs you find around your home, help Connie use her skills, and color one of her pictures to look like those colors and designs. So, if you do find a bright red stripped pillow on the couch, then one image of Connie will have bright red stripes and another, just may look like Dad’s crazy shirt.

             When you have finished coloring all the pictures of Connie, ask other family members if they can guess where Connie the Chameleon has been!

Think Dad will recognize his shirt? 

Project #2


                For this project, begin by printing out Coloring Pages #27 and # 27-a, found on our Free Bees Page. These and the other Coloring Pages are yours for free.

                Once printed, use the power of that awesome creative mind of yours, and of course, those equally awesome hands, to color the picture of Bailey, at his Families Ice Cream Shop. Of Course, use any colors you wish. Bailey likes all of the colors of the rainbow and wants you to use your imagination!

                Once your “Bailey at The Ice Cream Shop” masterpiece is completed, take a break and take the time needed to ask family members what their favorite flavor of ice cream is? We are going to use this information to build our own,

“Family Ice Cream Cone”.

                 Bailey’s present record for stacking scoops is 7, so try to talk to at least that many family members. You may need to call Grandma and Grandpa or even an Aunt or Cousin. Ask them their favorite flavor, but also take time to ask them how they have been. If you can talk to more, you can help Bailey break his scoop stacking record. Just remember to always take a little time to talk and listen! 

                Once you have at least 7 flavors, start coloring the smaller ice cream scoops on Coloring Page #27-a, so that each looks like one of those family members favorite flavors. (Hint: Mint and Chip might be a light green with yummy looking chocolate chips, or Neapolitan could have red, white, and brown stripes). Next, with Mom approved scissors, cut out each scoop and stack one scoop on top of another, all on Bailey’s empty cone.

 You now have your very own Family Ice Cream Cone!

                Bailey also likes to make colossal 2 scoop cones for special people. Why not print out another picture of Bailey and color the two gigantic scoops on Coloring Page #27-a, to represent the favorite flavor of someone you want to feel special today.

Have Fun!


Project #3


       Your mission is to try and help Dwight participate in the Smith Family Castle Tournament, shield and sword competition, even though he has miss placed his shield and sword. Go to the Free Bees page, and print out the picture of Dwight the Knight, Coloring Page #28 and the companion page, Coloring Page #28-a.

                Color Dwight using any colors you choose (he loves color and wants you to be creative). Use the blank area of Dwight’s page to draw in the Smith Family Castle and the country side. When your “Dwight the Knight” masterpiece is complete it is time to help Dwight out of his predicament. 

                Next color the different objects on Coloring Page #28-a. They are the best things we could find around the neighborhood that might help Dwight. When you are finished coloring these items, cut them out,(using Mom Approved scissors) and then hand them to Dwight. You might use double sticky tape or just tape rolled over, but try to offer Dwight different options. Ask different members of your Family which thing they think might help Dwight the best and why?  Maybe have them color their own Knight and Castle Coloring Page and you can compete with one another.

Dwight just wants you all to have fun and enjoy the Tournament!



                Let’s Begin today’s project By going to the Free Bees page and printing 1 or more of Coloring Page #29, our “Awards” page. We suggest more than one, because the Young Artist Project #4 is one that we just might be doing daily for quite awhile!

                  We talked about how awards are a way of noticing others and telling them they are great at something, in our post on the Posts, Notes, and Stories page. Well today is a great day to start better “noticing” those closest to us!

                Begin coloring each award any color you those, but as you do, try thinking of a member of the family that should know that you notice they are special, because they do something well.

                 Does it seem as if Mom can make anything taste good, Then maybe it would be nice to let her know that you notice what a great cook she is. A ribbon that says “World’s Greatest Cook” just might make her day!

                   Does your Brother try to make you smile when you are feeling sad? I think he should know you notice his effort and be given a “You Make Me Smile”award.

                You can color awards, cut them out (with Mom Approved scissors) and carry them with you when you visit Grandma and Grandpa. If you haven’t quite decided what to put on their awards, pay close attention to them during your visit. They could possibly tie, and both receive “Worlds Greatest Story Teller” awards!

                Practice makes each of us better at the things we do, so………. Even if you don’t believe your Cousin Billy should be noticed for his joke telling skills today, does not mean that a “Grand Joke Teller” award is not in his future!

Just remember, try to always be kind, as well as creative 

Project #5


You haven’t met Eddie yet!

We apologize!

                We just assumed everyone knew Eddie! He’s really hard to miss. Eddie is 12 feet tall and weighs around 12,000 pounds.

You Say WHAT!

               Yes………..You see Eddie is the Neighborhood African Elephant. And Elephants are Earths largest living land animals. Eddie is big, but he has an Uncle that is even Bigger! They are both African Elephants, and are the larger species (a fancy word for Kind) of the two kinds of Elephants on the Planet. The other kind is from Asia and though still quite large, the Asian Elephants tend to be smaller than Eddie and his Family.

               Well as we told you on the Posts, Notes, and Stories page, Eddie is at the park and would really enjoy some company. To help our Neighborhood friend out, print Coloring Page #30 from the Free Bees page, and color Eddie and the surrounding Neighborhood Park any Colors you choose. Our Neighborhood Elephant loves Color!

                Next ask Mom or Dad if they have some family pictures they don’t mind you cutting up. Be sure to ask first, some pictures help us hold on to very special memories! We wouldn’t want to cut them up!

               Take the pictures you have been given and with Mom Approved scissors Cut out your different family members, And seat them on the bench next to Eddie.

               Just let them know that Eddie is known to be a Jokester and they just might get an African Elephant finger in the ear!

Be Creative and Have Fun!  

Project #6


                Project #6 begins by visiting our Free Bees page, and  printing one or more of Coloring Page #25. They are Free for you our Young Artist Community! If you enjoy them, please tell your friends about this Community and what we have to offer!

Back to Project #6

              Today’s Project is pretty simple. Start by asking Mom and Dad what their favorite Colors are. Maybe you’ve already done this before, so they might say ” You know what my favorite Color is.” And you can answer by saying ” I just wanted to check to see if it had changed and to also see how your day is going.” Artist care about others and the way we can show this is by asking questions like “How are you, today”, and then Listening!

                 When you have finished Listening to Mom or Dad (and are certain you know their favorite colors), connect the dots on the Coloring Pages you have printed. Next,  (with pencils or crayons) color in what you have revealed, with Mom or Dads favorite Color. Then put some fun scenery in the blank areas. 

                Next, put them in the new car you have just revealed, by either using an old picture you are allowed to cut out, or use those amazing artistic hands of yours, and draw them in. They now have a fancy new sports car, that’s their favorite Color!

                We all know that you need to be a Grown up to drive a real sports car, but your sister or brother can drive one of these! Just be sure to ask them if they are having a good day, after you ask them their favorite Color! 

Artists Really Do Care About Others!

Project #7


                Today’s Project is an open invitation to continually use certain Coloring Pages for invites or for whatever else you might like to say. A number of our Neighbors are willing to hold signs to help you say whatever is on your mind.

               Tara our Neighborhood Triceratops would really enjoy holding a “Mom I Love You” sign and seeing the smile on your Mom’s face, when you give it to her! Just go to the Free Bees page and print out Coloring Page #16. Then Color Tara any Color you want. Tara loves all the Colors of the Rainbow! Now tell Mom how you feel. If you are still working on spelling, a Big Red Heart on Tara’s sign might just be perfect.

               Like we said on the Posts, Notes, and Stories page, Chuck the Duck and others are willing to hang out in an envelope for a while just to see the excitement on someone’s face when they open it. You can find Chuck and friends, as well as envelopes on the Free Bees page, numbers 40 thru 45, and more. Just look around for Coloring Pages that might help you say what you want to say. And don’t forget to use bright colors on the patterns of your envelopes. It will add extra “POP” when the recipient excitedly opens them.

Just be Creative


Have Fun!  

Project #8


                 For today’s Young Artists Project, start with Coloring Page #31, found on our Free Bees page, and what ever tools for coloring you have that have been approved by Mom and Dad. Use crayons, or paints, or chalk. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s Ok with your Parents! Now Color Harvey any Color you would like. This is always an exciting time for all of the members of our Neighborhood!


                   Because we each love all of the Colors of the Rainbow, and are excited to see what Colors that amazing creative mind of Yours is going to pick for our friend Harvey. We are certain he is going to be one of the many Masterpieces in your Young Artist Portfolio! 

               Still Harvey’s not sure if he wants to stay at the beach, unless he can get a little sunshine. Thankfully, you are an Artist, and Artists know how to create sunshine! Draw and Color in a great big sun to shine down on all those at the beach today. Harvey will definitely stay, so next help him get his beach area ready. Take Coloring Page #31-a, printed from our Free Bees page, and Color all of the things Harvey always brings to the beach. Cut each one out with Mom Approved Scissors and set up Harvey’s area so he can enjoy the rest of the day. You sure have made him one Happy Unicorn!

Oh Yeah!!!

                   Before we forget, we wanted to mention that even though they love the sun, Unicorns have rather sensitive skin! Be sure to unpack Harvey’s sunscreen first and give him a hand with putting it on. You have never helped a Unicorn with their sunscreen before? It’s really a treat. Their noses are really soft!

Artists Know how to Create Smiles!

Project #9


                You can start your Artist Notebook, with any notebook you want to, but we can help you make one from scratch. Just print out the Free Coloring Page #57 from the Free Bees page, and Color the book cover your favorite Colors. Be creative! This is your special Artist Notebook, which will soon be filled with valuable information about the people you Love!

                When You are happy with the way your cover looks, fold your Coloring Page in half. We have provided little markers to help. Then fold 5 blank pages the same way. 5 should be enough to start with, but you can add more if you wish. Once they are folded, slip them between your front and back cover, and then staple your Artist Notebook together.

Now that your Artist Notebook is complete, call Grandpa and start up a conversation. You know he likes to talk, so ask questions and listen real close.

We think a special Masterpiece for Grandpa is about to be Created!