(We Know it’s spelled YAK, But who can resist that smile!)

The Young Artists Challenge Page

           We hope you have looked around our neighborhood a little and know that we love a good art project. Our “Projects” are first presented on our Posts, Notes, and Stories page and then elaborated on The Y.A.P. (Young Artists Projects) page. We also realize how busy Mom’s and Dad’s are these days and that any project is one that must some how fit in with corporate zoom calls, loads of wash, meal plan and prep, and pushing the lawn mower. That’s why we keep our projects relatively simple and most can be completed with but a little guidance. OK, so we have “projects” on The Y.A.P. page, but what has this fellow grinning horn to horn? 

           On this page (his page) we present THE Y.A.C., The Young Artist Challenge. 

Coming Soon