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 Did you know there are over 200 species (that means different kinds) of chameleons?

        Chameleons are those amazing lizards that are best known for their ability to change colors and blend with their surroundings! Actually not all of the 200+ kinds can do this, but some of the species definitely can.

                According to Wikipedia, “Chameleons change color by “actively tuning the photo response of a lattice of small guanine nanocrystals in the s-iridophores”.

HOLY COW!…….I thought they just used face paint!

          Anyway, Connie our neighborhood chameleon really enjoys her ability to copy her surroundings and would like you to help her use her talent, in and around your home. Join her in a little artistic fun, by following the directions presented in Project #1, posted on The Y.A.P. page.

I hope you and Connie have a Grand Time!

No Ice Cream For Me…………….Said No One Ever!

You Scream….I Scream….We all Scream for Ice Cream

          Bailey, our neighborhood Brontosaurus, has worked at his families Ice Cream Shop for the past two summers. He is known for his scoop ability and will occasionally show off by tossing a scoop of ice cream in the air, and catching it with a cone. His Mom and Dad wonder how he practiced this new found skill, but are thankful he seems to have mastered it for the moment. Bailey is also known for his specially built “Family” cones. What is a “Family” cone?

 Find out, and help build your own by following the directions presented in Project #2, posted on The Y.A.P. page.

Be Creative



I’d Like To Introduce

Dwight the Knight!

                Dwight is one of the many Knights incharge of protecting the Smith Family Castle, where the Queen and King Smith Family live. Today is a very special day for the Knight’s of the Smith Family Castle. It is Saturday, and the day of the big Smith Family Castle Tournament. A Tournament is a competition. This particular Tournament is one where the Smith Family Castle Knights show off their skill and strength. Kind of like when you and Dad arm wrestle, or you and Mom have a dance off.

                Today’s events allow each Knight to show off his or her skills using a shield and sword. Dwight is one of the Smith Family Castle’s best Knights and is well practiced in this event. Dwight is also very absent minded and has forgotten where he put his shield and sword. The event starts soon, so Dwight needs your help!

Find out how you can help our friend Dwight by following the directions presented in Project #3, posted on The Y.A.P. page.

Have Fun

 But Hurry, 

The Tournament Starts Soon!

And The Oscar Goes To……….

                We all know about awards. We use them to let others know that they have done something well. Awards let others know they are good at something and we want them to know that we “acknowledge” or more simply put, notice them. If you have been given an award, then you know how great it feels to be told that you have done something well, or have contributed to the team!

                Today’s Project is centered around awards and the acknowledgment (there’s that big word again that means to notice) of those closest to us! It is presented in Project #4 on The Y.A.P. page. Just follow a few simple directions and as always,

Be Creative!



            A bench is a long seat that two or more people can sit on.

                My Aunt Lilly and Uncle Clyde, are enjoying each other’s company, while sitting on a bench at the Neighborhood Park. Across the lake from this cozy couple, sits one of our neighbors, Eddie. Eddie ventures down to the Park often to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Eddie likes himself, and actually enjoys time alone. Today though, he is wishing he had a little company.

              See if you can help Eddie out, by first going to our Free Bees page and print out your Free Color Page # 30. Then look on The Y.A.P. page and follow directions for the Young Artist Project #5.

Eddie Will Not Forget Your Kindness And Will Be Your

Friend Forever! 

Here’s An Idea!

If your Little Art Lover is itching for something to do, and you would love to take two sips of Coffee

in a row,

then print out Coloring Page #1, our Neighborhood T-Rex “Archie”. 

        Of Course Your Young Artist  can color Archie any color they choose. Archie loves all of the colors of the Rainbow! Just make sure to let your Young Artist know creativity takes Time!

        Today, You just might be able to finish your cup before it’s cold! 

Archie and others are found on the

 Free Bees Page


There’s my Aunt Lilly, out and about, in her new sports car!

                Aunt Lilly has a long list of things she wants to get done today. She’s on her way to the grocery store. Then she is going to visit her best friend. And then after that she plans to announce that there is a new Young Artists Project on The Y.A.P. page!

Hey! We just did it for her!

                There’s one thing off your list, Auntie! Now you can spend some extra time with your best friend.

 Just Click Here. Follow the directions for Project #6. And

Start having some Fun!

Thank You Auntie!

You’re Invited!

                Isn’t it exciting when you open an envelope and it says “You’re Invited.” You may not even know right then what you are invited to, but you know that someone has thought of you and would like to see you. They decided they want you to be a part of something special happening in their life. It might be a celebration of their Birthday, or a day set aside to play with friends. But they want you, Yes You, to be there. How Exciting!

             I think we can agree, that the words, “You’re Invited” are a great way to let someone know they are important to you! So why not send a “You’re Invited to come over and watch a movie, when you can”, to Grandma. Or a “You’re Invited to my house for a coloring day”, to your Aunt! (We’ll help you provide the Coloring Pages!). Or, how about, “You’re Invited to go with Mom and me to the drive-thru and Just Get French Fries!

                You can invite Dad for a ten minute walk, when he has time. Just you and him, so the two of you, can catch up on things. Artists are good listeners, so be sure to listen as well as talk.

                Some of our Neighbors, would like to help you make others feel special! Chuck the Duck is willing to hold a sign that says “You’re Invited”, and spend some time in an envelope, so that you can let someone know you are thinking of them. The envelope is a little tight for him, but he is willing to be a little uncomfortable, just to see the excitement on Grandma’s face, when she opens it and sees his announcement.

Just take a short walk over to The Y.A.P. page and Project #7 and

Make It Happen.

Have you ever seen a Unicorn at the Beach?


Unicorns love the Beach!

                Well at least our Neighborhood Unicorn Harvey does. He’s down at the beach right now, but is not sure if he is going to stay. The sun’s not out, and Harvey, like most other Unicorns, really likes the warmth of the sun. He hasn’t even unpacked any of his beach stuff yet, because he just can’t decide if he wants to stay.

                  You can help make Harvey a Happy Unicorn by first taking a walk over to the Free Bees page, and print out Coloring Pages #31 and #31-a. Then follow the directions detailed in Project #8 posted on The Y.A.P. page and see if you can get a smile out of Harvey.

Artists really enjoy helping others Smile! 

              With our new Coloring Page #54 and the information on Coloring Page #22, You can create a Rainbow Masterpiece! This one was created by Tara our Neighborhood Triceratops and is a great addition to her Young Artists Portfolio!
She first Colored in the Colors on Coloring Page #22, so she could easily see which Colors were called for on the Rainbow Coloring Page. She plans to keep this Color Key handy, because she is pretty sure it will be used else where. Then she used the numbers on the Rainbow to finish her project.
              Artists always encourage others, so Tara would like nothing more than to help you create your own Rainbow Masterpiece. She will take a little walk with you and Mom, over to the Free Bees page, help you print out both pages and if I know Tara, she will even share her Colors!  

Tara has her Rainbow Colors out again!

She has helped a Narwhal fulfill a dream, by giving her a full Rainbow Unicorn head of hair!


Printout Coloring Page #55 from

the Free Bees page



Here, in the Young Artists Neighborhood,

we are all different and live our lives in our own unique ways. We do share a common belief though. That belief is that each of us has within us, a Creative Genius. A marvelous, amazing, quite spectacular, and downright cool Creative Genius, that when set free, results in marvelous, amazing, quite spectacular, downright cool things!

                 With this genius, machines, music, and malts are made! Bicycles, book covers, and biscuits are built! Paintings, pea soup, and petunias are put together! Well, you get the picture. This Creativity is free and spontaneous, and is that part of us that asks us to start making something using those marvelous, amazing, quite spectacular, and of course cool tools you have, your mind and hands! Spontaneous action is the source of all sorts of cool art. So always celebrate your Creative Genius!

                 But did you know, that most of the art we love, is ours to look at, because of practice. Yes I said PRACTICE! To become a good baseball player you need to practice catching a ball. To become a good dancer you need to practice dance steps. And, to become the Artist you wish to be, you will need to practice making art! And that means a lot of drawings, Coloring Pages, and paintings!

                This is why we encourage all of the Young Artists in the Neighborhood to keep their own Young Artist Portfolio. Portfolio is just a big word that means a folder where an artist keeps their favorite art pieces. This allows you to show others the art you have been creating, and also, for you to see, just how much you have improved with PRACTICE!

                 If we practice making Art every day we are going to have a lot of, drawings, Coloring Pages, and paintings and it might not be possible to keep them all. Mom and Dad are your biggest fans, and just might try to keep every art piece you create. Why they might even try to create space by giving away some of their cloths, so they can store the boxes of art you are going to create in their closet. Which means Dad might wear that embarrassingly bright Hawaiian shirt (he thinks is cool), more often.

No one wants that!

So let’s just keep the art we think is our best effort each week, or every couple of weeks, and proudly make it a part of our Young Artists Portfolio.

Just ask Mom or Dad, to help you start your Portfolio (an extra folder is perfect), and start Practicing!

Let’s Start an Artist Notebook Today!

                If you have already had fun with some of our Young Artists Projects, you may have noticed, that we often suggest you use the favorite Colors of those close to you. This makes them feel special! You used a favorite of theirs in one of your Masterpieces! Using a loved ones favorite Color, is also the perfect way to let them know you were thinking of them while you were doing something you love!

                It might be easy to remember Mom and Dad’s favorite Colors, but what about Grandma’s? Or your favorite Aunt’s favorite Color? I’m certain you want them to feel special! Well, Archie, the Neighborhoods T-Rex, came up with a great idea! He started an Artist Notebook where he writes down special things about important people in his life. He has written down all of his relatives and his Neighborhood friends favorite colors in his Artist Notebook, so he can make a personalized Masterpiece for each of them!

                 What Archie likes to do, when he asks someone what their favorite Color is, he also asks them why. This way, when he is going to make a special picture for his Grandma, he always includes yellow daisies, because Grandma’s favorite Color is yellow, because she loves yellow daisies!

                He also knows his Aunt’s favorite ice cream flavor and his Cousins favorite animal. All of this different information helps him make really special things for the really special people in his life. It also creates special time with each of them, because Archie asks questions, and then really listens. That really makes people fell special too!

                Each of us in the Young Artists Neighborhood now keep an Artist Notebook and we encourage you to do the same. Coloring Page #57 on our Free Bees page, along with directions for Project #9 on The Y.A.P. page, will get you started.

Just Remember

Artists ask questions and LISTEN!