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               Hi, Grandpa H. here. I’ve been given the title of “administrator” of this site by the littleartlovers.com Board of Directors. I have received this honor because presently I am the best speller (not for long…..We have a first grader on our Board) and because I can drive and go get snacks when the Board recesses (French fries are a favorite).

                  As administrator I’d first like to welcome you and to present you with our mission statement.

Art Is Fun and The Creative Process is Amazing!

              We want our site to be a place, a community, or neighborhood of sorts, where Young Artists (with the help of Mom and Dad), can go and continually discover the Awe of the creative process! Here, The Little Art Lover will find fun ways of expressing themselves, as well as creative ways to better connect with Family. After all being Family is an art, is it not?

                        The best place to start exploring our Neighborhood, just might be our Free Bees page, where Young Artists can find original Coloring Pages that they can Download or Print for Free! Next, just steps away, is our Posts, Notes, and Stories page, where we will talk about Art and introduce our Young Artists Projects. Directions for these creative projects, are found on The Y.A.P. page.

               When it is time to do something a bit bigger, walk over to The Y.A.C. page, where you will find Young Artists Challenges, involving Family and Friends. Don’t ignore our Contact Us page…..We need your Creative Genius and would more than appreciate your thoughts on the Neighborhood, as well as ideas for new Projects and Challenges.    

          We believe, together we can create a nifty place, where we can hang out and exercise our collective creative muscle!

OK…..Everyone Give A Big Little Art Lovers Flex



       You can also find our Coloring Pages on varied items on Redbubble. Just go to GrandpaH.redbubble.com to see what we have to offer. You might find your next Art project is a great gift for your little Sister or Brother, or for the Grownup Griller in the Family!